The Witcher 3 Wild hunt.

Ok so im finally starting these…writing things based on this years e3 and my “top ten” (i stilll dont know if this is actually interesting or not). First up the witcher 3. 

So i know practically nothing about this series. I have only played probably 30 mins of the witcher 2 on the 360 and then i got bored because the story didnt make sense to me (the first game being pc exclusive) and the gameplay (on 360) wasnt enough to hold my attention. This new game though looks to change my negative opinion. 

Now Judging from the gameplay trailer segment it seems like the game has a more action based combat system and is open world in the best sense. I dont really know how accurate my understanding is but thats not what got me interested; the tracking of the griffin and subsequent fight are. Im a big fan of the monster hunter series and to me it seems like these…hunting quests (im sure they have a more specific name) are like a shorter more single player focused version of what that series has to offer. The tracking seemed interesting although i hope there is a less obvious way of doing it; following a glowing trail is a good visual representation and an easy start but i would much prefer a more subtle way that takes knowledge of the monster and the landscape. Like for example after the first sighting, from seeing the griffin fly off you could take note of the direction it went and understanding it is part bird you could assume that it nests in a high up place like a mountain or large hill and use that as a starting point to search. Sound could be used as another way to hone in on its location eg as you get closer the area you start to hear movements it makes or the sound of it eating. 

Now the actual fight with the beast was a little less interesting as it obviously seemed to be programmed for the trailer but none the less was interesting and raised some questions. Now the actual fight seemed to go very quickly and im wondering if that was because of the type of creature or because of the trailer length. It would also be interesting to know the extent of combat options. Will you be able to climb on monster backs for example, will certain weapons be more effective or will it just be a case of hit it with stuff till it dies? The fact that the ending scene showed the decapitated head also makes me wonder if damaging/cutting certain parts will be possible during combat and if so will it affect the fight, like for example damaging its wings causes it to fly less. This is obviously wishful thinking but as hunting seems to be a major part of the game i would hope that it doesnt end up being as simple as it seems.

Overall im hoping that in the coming months more light is shed on a few obviously important features (questing, the open world, the combat system) and more of the hunting parts are shown off. I feel that my view may seem critical but as i have no attachment to the story (as of yet, i may play 1 and 2) i only have gameplay to go off and i dont know enough about it (magic systems, crafting, weapon choices etc) to be all hype as some are. None the less i am looking forward to it and it did stand out as something i would enjoy based on what was shown. I just want more thats all.

I forgot a bunch of stuff…

i realised after watching the xbox conference again (through “far from subtle” which is a great youtube/twitch channel) that i forgot to write about the new tomb raider, crackdown, ori, phantom dust, scalebound and the witcher. witcher is getting its own post but quickly crackdown is a mediocre series and i question why its back at all and that trailer didnt get me excited at all and for tomb raider, i have yet to play the reboot so im going to save judgement until after i play that on ps4 but it looks nice. Ori is an exclusive so im very undecided on it as it looks nice and the giant owl and white…cat thing are awesome but i doubt ill ever look at it more thoroughly due to i  being exclusive. Phantom dust. meh. i didnt really follow what was going on and to be honest even if it did look sorta cool i really dont care when there are other titles coming out with similar feel. Plus what kind of game is it anyway? And last and certianly the most surprising thing from xbox scalebound. I still question platinum for doing this. It looked awesome and had monsters and dragons but arggghh why exclusive.

My top ten E3 games by my personal choice and interest in no order.

I will write…something…more about these 10. Like maybe ill analyse what ive seen or talk about hopes or some crap i dont know. They are in no particular order. Im questioning if i should somehow get screenshots or something for the more focused writing. I have made a rule tho that it has to be “new” games not re releases or remastered or anything like that even if it includes my favourite game series (im sorry pokemon).

1. Super smash bros - wiiU and 3ds

2. Fantasy life - 3ds

3. Little big planet 3 - Ps4

4. The witcher 3 - Ps4, PC and Xbox one

5. Metal Gear Solid 5 - Ps4 and Xbox one

6. Batman Arkham Knight - Ps4 and Xbox One

7. Assassins Creed Unity - Ps4 and Xbox One

8. Valiant Hearts - Everything except nintendo.

9. Zelda WiiU - What do you think

10. Xenoblade chronicles X- WiiU

special mention to uncharted 4 because i havent played the others so i dont know if i will enjoy it or not story wise but it looked pretty and i know it gets indiana jones comparisons and i like that but im undecided. Also Hyrule warriors because i know its literally just a reskin of dynasty warriors and i already went into my thought by accident in my brief overview. But I GET TO PLAY AS MIDNA! 

Also I would love to get opinions from any (so far i can confirm 3) people who have been reading these on my choices. Ya know, if you want.